Cracked wheat

Cracked wheat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I simply love couscous, it’s light, filling and so easy to make; add some boiling water, any veg and flavoring you like and bam you have a nice meal/snack/salad.

But I never knew couscous was wheat, cracked wheat in fact, and I found out the hard way of course. Now I may just be daft not knowing this, but who knows, it is known for me to be.

However bulgur wheat (yep the one with wheat in its name) isn’t in fact wheat and I can eat it.

You basically cook it in exactly the same way and add whatever you like to it. I love to have peppers, ham, peas, sweetcorn, any veg or meat that is already cooked, I bung in there and heat through. It makes an amazing picnic meal and an awesome salad. And honestly, I can’t tell the difference between it and couscous.



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