Bread (Photo credit: ulterior epicure)



Since being diagnosed there is definitely one thing I have missed the most and that is bread. Not pasta, not cake, bread.

Every morning I would have two slices of toast with butter and marmite, mmm toast! A slice of bread with some butter or marmite as a snack every now and again. Or the only sandwich I would eat, cheese and marmite.

See a pattern?

Okay so I can still have marmite, on wheat free bread… I have settled on the Tesco’s own loaf as I find that’s the tastiest and isn’t as… sandy, crumbly, disgusting etc. as the other brands. But it just is not the same, I miss the light, fluffy and nutty tastes of a good brown loaf. I’m sure many people are the same, especially those who are diagnosed later in life.

And whenver I bake a loaf it never seems to go correctly; it doesn’t rise, goes really hard, tastes disgusting etc. I’ve tried recipes from the book my sister gave me, many online recipes, but it just doesn’t work! 😥

I’ve made a spelt loaf that tasted nice but was rock solid, the birds enjoyed it. I have tried one with the gluten free mix flour and it was crumbly, sandy and awful. I made some flatbread with it too and it just went solid once cooled and I couldn’t get them back into soft pieces of bread. See, a lot of mistakes!

I’ve looked for 100% spelt, rye etc recipes and they’re few and far between. They’re also nearly always aimed at the health crazies or vegans or dairy intolerant people as well, all in one. Which is great for them but is expensive for me to get specialist ingredients I don’t really need…

So please share your favourite loaves and recipes for bread in the comments below! Maybe we can create the perfect loaf together!


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