Japanese food

Japanese food

Japanese food (Photo credit: | Ray Chang |)

I have mentioned that I love Japanese food and cooking, it’s so damn tasty and healthy! I get most of my inspiration from Just Hungry and Just Bento and that’s also where I learnt a lot of my basics; what to have in my cupboard, miso soup, rice, perfectly cooked fluffy delicious rice. And rice in a wheat free diet is just a God send! I dislike the pasta a lot, it’s sloppy and tastes odd, so anything that calls for pasta I just have rice instead, and I find rice, especially Japanese rice, far more filling.

The one thing that I had trouble with at first was that a lot of Japanese cooking calls for soy sauce, that delectable black seasoning that adds the perfect touch to anything. Just give me a huge bowl of rice and soy sauce and I’ll be happy! Now I did consider trying Tamari, but it’s very expensive! I looked at the wheat content in soy sauce and it didn’t seem too high, so I gave it a go and no reaction, I only ever use a small amount anyway.

But for those of you who are severly allergic or intolerant I would not recommend using normal and go for the Tamari.

Miso is another one that’s difficult as again it contains a small amount of wheat (damn stuff gets everywhere!) but I have found the same applies there for me, again though only a small amount is used, but everyone is different.

I will try and remember to mention this when I do post about Japanese food and recipes I cook so that anyone new won’t get really sick and those awful stomach cramps and erm… the rest of it. But that is why I am going to include it in this wheat free blog of mine 🙂


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