What this is

Photo of myself holding my DSLR as if about to take a photo

Me in Cornwall with my baby

So this will be a bit of a history first, bear with me.

A few months ago I was diagnosed as wheat intolerant, not gluten, not coeliac, wheat intolerant. Since then I have struggled to find recipes that are wheat free instead of gluten free, as I found out a lot of gluten free stuff can also contain wheat (I know right?!)

For Christmas my sister got me a wheat free cookbook which is alright and full of advice, but even then some of the recipes just don’t cut it for me. I love to bake, I love my bread, God bread… I miss good bread, but that’s a post for another day! But yes, baking is one of my things (there is a large list of  ‘things’ I am in to haha) and that is where this blog comes in.

I am hoping to post up all the things I learn whether by accident or something interesting I have read, and hopefully maybe some of you can give me some tips and tricks as well and we can all learn from each other. Yay happy families, community, free loving!

I’ve made a couple of cakes (I have one to post that is a Red Nose Day special I made for work ^_^) and some bread, bread is always my let down. I have rearranged my main meals and snacks etc and worked out things I can get away with (Soy Sauce! WOOO!) and things I can’t (Weetabix BOOO!).

So there we go, intro post is done and now we are able to get onto the more interesting stuff. Tomorrow (uh-oh pressure to actually post again) I’ll share my bake off cake for Comic Relief, I called it ‘Red Noses’ and is such a fun cake! It didn’t taste to bad either if I say so myself.

Happy munching!


2 responses to “What this is

    • Your blog looks awesome and I am sure that will help me too! I am hoping to bake some bread this weekend! The idea of adding an egg to aid in it not being too crumbly (Pumpkin Bread Review) is such a good idea. I hate that in the breads I make and eat!

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